The Power of a Best Friend

There are moments in all of our lives, when we are at our lowest. We never know when these moments will happen, but they inevitably do and sometimes at the worst time. When we have cried all the tears we can and asked why and prayed again and again and still feel no relief, see no light at the end of the tunnel and have lost all hope. It is in these moments, when the power of a best friend shines it’s brightest over our life. When we don’t have the strength to stand, they reach down and lift us to our feet. They open their heart and minister to us in a way unlike any other that runs so deep, it touches our soul and we feel its warmth and are drawn out of the darkness and into the light of hope again. And little by little, we begin to heal as they remind us of all the good and not to dwell on the bad or the sadness of our circumstance. They remind us that we are not alone and we are loved. We can and will get through this with them beside us all the way. And we remember that the sun will rise again, the laughter will return, maybe not today, but definitely in the future and we begin to heal again. This is the power of a best friend.

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