A Crack in the Window

I stay quiet, calm
Amidst a torrential storm
That has no end in sight
A relentless force
That torments me
When I allow it
But fallen, I am
Strong sometimes
I am not
So I wait, I pray, I cry
Until day breaks the darkness
And I see a glimpse of light
Through a crack in the window
Of darkened glass
I can barely see
But I feel its warmth
If only briefly
And it beckons me
To never give in
To the darkness
To believe in the hope
That cannot yet be seen
That I look forward to
That I cling to
In the darkest of nights
That I will see


I have seen love, felt it, allowed it to pass and come my way
I have felt the warmth of it and the dark cold abyss from the loss of it
I have allowed it to be my friend and my enemy
I held it so close there was no space between
I have allowed it to wash over me, surround and embrace me
And I have set it free
I remember a time when it once loved me
I can now say that love is many things and
It is all that I need

All The Words I Never Said

Remember Me
When I stared into your eyes
When I held out my hand
And cried…
When you lifted me up
Into your lap oh so high
Wrapped in your arms
You cried…
When all I could do
Was not say a word
You nestled me close
And spoke ne’er a word
Gently rocking
I fell wistfully asleep
All the warmth through you
I felt, my need
You loved me that day
And every day after
Never letting me go
Into the great here after
I remember those words
That ne’er gave breath
And you remembered me
And all the words I never said

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